MOS - CopyMusic Outreach Society is a youth non-profit organization that was founded by local Point Grey Secondary students in Vancouver, Canada. The purpose of Music  Outreach is to link the community through music and provide support for emerging  youth musicians. On a completely volunteer basis, young musicians are given the  chance to share their passion for music in our local community. Performances  range from full Jazz Combos to incredible solo singing. Different groups have performed at Louis Brier Home and Hospital, Southview Terrace and at Sunny Hill Children’s Hospital. Aside from our MOS members, Music Outreach is always on the look out for passionate musicians and youths to be a part of our MOS concerts as well as our management and technology crew!


 Our Goals

  1. To bring the community together through the act of sharing music with others. As we all know, music is a language that everybody understands! MOS is also a place for musicians to network with each other and to build long lasting connections as well as friendships.
  2. To raise money to help support music therapy and children who are unable to afford instruments/lessons.
  3. To provide MOS performers and members with performing opportunities as well as the chance to build up confidence in their music performance.